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We are a premium Miami escort service that delivers 100% on service and speed and ensures the ultimate experience for all men. All of our escorts are highly trained and dress professionally to ensure each appointment remains confidential and discrete.

Our Miami escorts are chosen carefully to ensure that our commitment to service, speed and ultimate experience is upheld. All of our Miami escorts go through an intensive screening process, including an interviewed to determine whether they meet our recognized standards. Additionally, all escorts are required to do full medical examination before they begin employment with us.

10 Things You Can Do With A Miami Escort But Not Your Wife:

1. Be Honest: We NEVER judge. No SECRET moves beyond our closed doors.
2. Watch Sports without Disruption: Our girls are big sports fans. In fact, there are a few who were cheerleaders before they became escorts. Take your pick.
3. Complain: Complain all you want and bend our ears. We are here to listen to you.
4. Buy Non-Judgemental Gifts: We'll take all the gifts we can get.
5. Be Yourself: We want you to be comfortable in your own skin.
6. Choose what to do: You're the boss. We may make a few suggestions to spice things up.
7. Choose where to go: We love just about everything, from travelling to eating to dancing, to singing.
8. Go Out Late: There is no curfew, we don't care how long we are out for.
9. Be Cheap: Anything is good for us as long as it is done in a safe environment.
10. Have Fun: When you're stuck in a loveless relationship, having fun is important, even if it is just for one night.

For those who never tried an escort before, there are various advantages that should be noted. There are no commitments. You are able to have camaraderie and fun without actually beginning a relationship. Another benefit of hiring an escort is the excitement and entertainment it brings. Who would bounce on an offer to be entertained by a sexy Miami escort?

If you are new in town and have trouble getting around, hiring a companion from our agency could help boost up your social life. You would definitely get a 360 degree view of Miami with our knowledgeable, intellectual and most of all erotic girls. No one can help you adjust better than our girls. They are experts when it comes to finding the hidden gems of Miami.

To book now, please call our discreet escort reservations hotline or click on the reservations tab on top of this page. We have the finest selection of Miami escorts who are not only beautiful, but are aspiring, diversified in life, witty and social beings as well.

Check out the gallery for more information, if you have not done so already. All pictures are recent takes and are updated regularly for accuracy purposes.

Quality Escorts:

We do not waste our time or your time on inaccuracies. Being explicit and detailed on the "type" of escort or whom specifically you are requesting is much appreciated. Please remember that discretion is important for you as well as for us. Our Miami girls are booked for their time, NOT for what they do!

Security Policy:

We are committed to taking the necessary steps to ensure the health and safety of all our workers. Our escorts have the right to dignity and to work in an environment where they feel safe and respected. Any threats or acts of violence against our escorts will be taken seriously and will not be tolerated by our escort agency.

All threats and acts of violence will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

Newest Escorts:

New images are constantly uploaded onto our website. Check out this section of the Miami Top Escorts page for more details on the newest additions to our Miami escort business. All photographs and descriptions are accurate depictions. We are committed to being friendly and to making sure that you experience some of the most sightliest spots in the whole of Miami.

VIP Escorts:

We are one of the few escort companies in Miami that does not charge our clients a membership fee for VIP services. We are pleased to provide our clients with 4 beautiful, sexy, knowledgeable escorts who are devoted to providing ongoing VIP service. Our Clients reserving VIP receive priority bookings, added bonuses and larger discounts on multi-hour bookings.

Please call to inquire.

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